Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweet Caroline

Here are some interesting points regarding backlash...
Getting back to Caroline Kennedy, the advisor of one of Kennedy's main rivals for the post recently commented, "It's a tough thing, you can't run against the little girl at the funeral. If she wants it, I don't see how anyone will stop her." So, since Caroline Kennedy is President John Kennedy's daughter, the U.S. Senate seat from New York is hers for the taking. For the past years, Ms. Kennedy has written children's books and worked for charitable causes, while raising her family. All well and good. But does it mean she should coast into a U.S. Senate seat? Kennedy's qualifications - none. Media scrutiny - none. Political family connections - priceless.

The final decision is up to the Governor of New York, David Paterson. However, the scandal surrounding Obama's Senate seat and Governor Blagojevich' attempts to sell it may actually help Kennedy. If Governor Paterson picks Kennedy to fill Clinton's vacancy, he will spare himself any allegations that he's been bought off. Insiders are saying the Kennedy pick can help both Paterson (who's got issues of his own with state budget problems and a shaky political future at this point) and Barack Obama. Kennedy campaigned for Obama, and everyone knows who she is. She would have easy access to the President-Elect.

So all is well and good. People love the Kennedy's. And there would be the added "Camelot" connection that Obama has so aspired to. Only thing is, in addition to Obama, the American people once again may be getting another politician in office who knows nothing about the job. And what about the hypocrisy? Imagine if this were a Republican Senate Seat up for grabs and one of George Bush's daughters wanted it. There is little doubt that the mainstream media would blow a gasket. They'd be outraged. We'd hear all about the arrogance! the lack of experience! How could a Bush daughter expect to be handed a seat in the U.S. Senate?!? How in the world is she qualified to be a U.S. Senator!?! Yet, isn't that what is going on here?

And the mainstream media will let this fact slide because Caroline Kennedy is a Democrat!....or a Kennedy!.....or a Democrat AND a Kennedy!!!