Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deception + Manipulation – Political Expediency?

While my technical glitches were in high gear this past Sunday, I happened upon Hannity Hour. Rarely do I watch TV and when I do, news would not be among the shows I selected. Perhaps it was the panel (most likely it was the fact that my TV was not made with a remote-the channels actually are on a turn knob-while my 20 year old VCR changes the channels—it also does not use a remote) You understand why I let the channel remain.
To my surprise, the discussion was about whether BO’s broken promises were more about his political expediency or about his “sincere” attempts to govern from the center. The apples to oranges comparison aside, what difference does it make?? I was happy to hear someone besides we faithful bloggers bring up the Ayers debacle, to which all of the panel agreed was highly inappropriate, going so far as to unanimously agree that NONE of them would work with the unapologetic terrorist, two of the three panelist shrugged if off as political expediency explaining that it in Chicago, “you only have friends on the left” in order to survive “there is room to associate with everyone—it is just what you do” (of course I am paraphrasing, watch it for yourself to get the details).
Special shout out to Hannity for inviting Ayers on for the whole hour, in a way that suggests Hannity eats terrorist for snacks! But here is the issue: why the pass on the numerous deceptions, BO performed?
It is not okay, in my opinion, to spend approximately 10 public years, supporting terrorists, clergy, ACORN, special interests groups, former foes, planned parenthood, etc., only to throw them all under a Chicago style bus.
My opinion aside, a bigger elephant on Hannity’s set was his conservative ideals that perhaps could have checked him and his guests on this notion that Chicago style politics should so blatantly be okay and used to win National elections. It is beginning to make sense to me now, having been born and raised in the south, the appeal southerners have had in national elections, all of these guys on his panel appeared slimy…makes one wonder what BO had to exchange for the support of so many…and what will happen, when the “masses” get the down-winded extent of BO’s public character?
If anyone finds the link on youtube (as in, you are more tech savvy than me) feel free to post so that I can reference/source this "rant"!