Monday, September 29, 2008

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Palin Pride: Palin debate advice, take one

Palin Pride: Palin debate advice, take one

Draft Sarah Palin For Vice President: Sarah Liberated!

Draft Sarah Palin For Vice President: Sarah Liberated!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Despite (or in addition to) all of what I have read online regarding African American Conservative Women , I am so excited for the opportunity to identity with both historic moments in the political parties. For many, one or more of our (AACW's)values will be reflected in the leadership of our country for the next four years by a leader that shares a component of our heritage. While I specifically support McCain-Palin, I am elated that within one year and during one election, so many critical barriers are being challenged if not slowly dissolved including:
1. The articulate (or lack thereof) moniker
2. The misinterpretation that weaker vessel equals weaker US leadership ability
3. The notion that age automatically equals experience (and the reverse)
4. The wholesale representation of any race/gender by any group/leader

Each party has: a candidate just young enough to remember both the segregation and integration of US schools from the perspective of either a parent or a student (not to be underestimated), a great bootstrap story that motivates the country's youth to aspire to civic engagement again, and an appeal to broad bases for the aforementioned reasons-the inclusive messages from each party are refreshing among a generation that has had to strain our necks to hear or see any resemblance of ourselves in such open ways in national politics. (ok one less subjective observation is that Palin offers a much needed alternative to the 3 decades of superwoman idealism: a superb woman realism aka a REAL SUPERMODEL!)

Although the leaps and bounds are fascinating, it would be best for us (read: me) to get over these things quickly (before election day). Perhaps with these accomplishments safely out of the way, the country can unite around other value driven issues (the economy), and a deeper understanding of each party's platform, electoral voting, and track records of each party all of which are better reasons to speak out and up.

Because I am new to this whole blog thing (and want to speak out and up about good works working) I will encourage you to read this article and to give me some help with linking please!

Good Works Working

The name is pretty understandable, this space is mainly to share the good works working on the internet, and will stave off as much as possible, any MSM influence--one could argue that the internet is influenced by MSM. If adequately researched it appears that the internet reveals much needed balance in large enough "bytes" to exercise the brain.