Saturday, November 22, 2008

In all things and FOR all things GIVE THANKS

While visiting the TeamSarah site, I happened upon a comment that said something to the effect of "i am a christian first". I am interested in starting a group or a discussion to see how that statement is defined by the readers.

I believe it means we pray for our leadership, trust God to put His will in place, a will and plan that is for our benefit no matter what the trials/tests. and if that is what that means for others, I would be interested in engaging in a discussion re: our actions as christians and aspects that we need to include as we blog on current events.

As Christians, we should not be upset we should rejoice always, there are many many blessings to count as we approach Thanksgiving our busiest holiday season in this culture, I certainly would not give haters or satan any credit by sulking in gloomy doom over this election, there are always reasons to rejoice, and if those in literal bondage (as John McCain and others were and still are) could find reasons to hope and love this country...then BLESS GOD, so can WE!!!!