Friday, October 31, 2008

WHEN does your vote count?

So, I have been working for a board of elections, I started as an elections inspector and because of the need for bi-partisan representation, I was promoted rather quickly (or asked) to work in the office.
I have learned a few things that may be interesting: poll votes are never called in, or reported to anyone..votes are counted and certified in where does the media get those numbers??? well they COULD check with county web sites that show preliminary numbers that are not actual or verified until they are reported to the State Boards, or they COULD list them as "popular votes" and speculate who is winning.... so the media basically selects the president since the total votes are inconclusive for weeks after they are cast (also because absentee ballots, though post marked by Nov 3, may not come in for up to 3 weeks later due to high volumes of ballots that come internationally)
HERE IS MY POINT...NONE of these votes can determine who the electoral college voters actually certify and currently, they have to vote together (despite the fact that some states have literally not voted for the candidate that is certified by their EVoters)... I did learn that there are measures being reviewed that can allow EV's to be split so as to reflect the actual votes cast in their states.

Oh and one final thing, there are no states that are allowed to count votes until Nov 4 which, means that all of the "results" are fiction, this explains the importance of candidates getting the MSM in their pocket and also explains why a supreme court would have to rule on a conflict over who "wins" in a presidential election (essentially they were ruling against the MSM) This seems to also explain the strong reliance most Americans feel upon the MSM, and why it is critical that the MSM's handling of this election receive major attention, sooner than later. Because many on this blog, appear to have links to media sources, I invite your comments or suggestions.

THE GOOD NEWS: Knowledge IS a form of power and the task here is to govern ourselves accordingly, knowing the rules of the game, the context of the story, etc., empower those truly committed to good works!