Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is A Good Way to Spend Campaign Funds?

I had a chat with a Board of Elections Commissioner about whether candidates MUST use all of the funds contributed to their campaign. I learned there are several options, particularly if/when a candidate shows a considerable lead or if there are economic uncertainties during the campaigning period:

1. A candidate may leave the funds in the account for use during a re-election (if they win a first term)
2. A candidate may give the funds back to the contributors (since they are not tax deductible)
3. A candidate may share the funds (or spread the wealth of the funds around) with other candidates in their party to show support and interest in supporting smaller elections or similar platforms.

The question of the day is: What would you do with more millions per day to spend on a campaign (or small town) that receives, less than subtle MSM endorsements DURING a time of economic uncertainty? Would you boast to have a working knowledge of the many progressive/socialist ways to equitably sniff out and squelch (or redistribute wastes?)

Good Works are easy to spot, we all know them when we see them, the problem is we are slowly being steered away from what in plain english is a good work thanks to the media bias and less than honest candidates who refuse to simply disclose past relationships or issues that may bite them in the end. (Good Work truth serum awards go to NY Gov. Paterson for admitting his affair before anyone else and to Senator John Edwards for telling the truth and of course Marion Jones get honorable mention for serving the time for the crimes FOR the sake of her children who are not helped by lies covered up).

Yes the truth costs more but it pays more but we have been lied to so much by politicians, and pundits and MSM reporters, that the party lines are smeared purple and party platforms are compromised (or sacrificed) in exchange for performance space. (million dollar per minute performance spaces) It is clear to see why the masses, spoon fed this garbage, have teeth too soft to chew on the tough but total picture: our political party systems are different sides of the same pair of power pants!

My take on what MSM can do is simple: own up to it, admit it, quit it and let readers (retrain themselves to) read issues, weigh more than ONE SIDE and form opinions for themselves. (oh and wear lipstick and a pocketless dress!)