Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wait, did Bill O'Reily OUT Sarah for President 2012?!?

First of all, WHO is this guy, I really don't watch TV and after the election, I am leery of FoxNews (ahem Colmes ahem), so imagine my surprise when I saw this O'Reily guy, I STILL don't know whether he supports Sarah, I know he hates Ann Coulter so he too must be starved for ratings for pulling this stunt! Fast Forward a bit..

Tell me, in case I missed something, has Governor Palin's "camp" made any announcements? I thought she was referring to 2010, nice also of him to remind us that the POTUS has yet to take office, and then proceed to imply that GOVERNOR Palin is wasting her wonderful life away to 2012...somehow I think she is leaving that to the (we) blogging experts!!

My suggestion is to take it one day at a time, fight the good fight because only what you do for Christ is going to last anyway .. some of us better get ta gettin'