Monday, January 12, 2009

Gov. Arnold's a Nazi?

h/t Son3 who has really done some legwork on this piece
(of course Gov A is not a he?)

From This Week's Show: Obama and Globalism
Show #2, on January 10th, 2009:
American Republic Radio

I discussed B.O.'s inconlusivity of citizenship status, which is quite... inconclusive. For further reading of this subject, I would suggest Obama is Not a Citizen, as it succinctly lists the accusations and circumstantial evidence surrounding Obama.

Obama's official website detailing his not-so-sugar-coated policies was also a point of reference.

For details on Obama's voting record for guns, I would direct you to the Gun-Ban Obama website.

If you would like to wade through the lawyer-talk and see the newest attempt to reinstate the draft, go to Congress' own website.

For the referenced TIME Magazine cover of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his "Nazi Pride" belt-buckle:

Compare to other Nazi "death's heads" or "Totenkopf" in German:

(German Field Marshal von Mackensen)

(SS Officer's Cap )

(Prussian Hussar)
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