Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Very Important Lesson for Creative Conservatives

Today I am so happy that I have my own little space in the blogosphere! I never thought I would say that but lately my online activity has been buzzing and frankly noisey! I am slowly getting into twitter ...slowly... and noticed a tweet about the negative effects of rehashing bad news, events, experiences, etc.

The tweet suggested that we resist the temptation to spend large amounts of time talking about negative things that happen to us, even to our closest friends, because typically the retelling is more like re-living, and really, who needs that?

You know how you feel when you find out that someone in your office has assigned you to do yet another task, or, while you were busy with one project, they come along, take credit or change another of your projects? Here is my remedy:

I heard a sermon recently (the tweet reminded me of all of this, and this is my point) that encouraged me to refrain from competitiveness and to choose creativity instead. The sermon suggested that when we are competitive in our work and business, for example, we spend too much energy focusing on what the "competition" is doing, rather than realizing there is enough room for all the creativity God placed in each of us.

think about it, and run your own race and you will win!